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Module 6: The editorial process

Learn how to edit stories; media management, layout and design


10 Weeks
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Module 7: Business reporting

Learn how to write news and information blogs about  business, NGOs, and other organizations


10 Weeks
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Public Relations

Learn about Strategic  communication; public relations writing—press releases



10 Weeks
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Module 11: Public affairs reporting

Students will get a chance to attend national or local meetings in their home countries as well as interview politicians, government and other public officials.

10 Weeks
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Module 12: Sports, Arts and culture reporting

Students will visit sporting events, cultural festivals, entertainment events and write stories that capture the excitement of the events.

10 Weeks
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Module 13: Photojournalism

The course is an introduction to still photography for the new media—photojournalism. Includes taking pictures that tell a human interest story.

10 Weeks
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Module 16: Introduction to Pan African Studies

You will LEARN about Africa and the African Diaspora from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

You will be SENSITIZED to the relevance of the Pan-African cultural heritage and its contributions to the global society.


10 Weeks
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Module 14: Geopolitics of information





10 Weeks
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Module 15: Advertising

10 Weeks
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Module 18: Science journalism

Reporting innovative scientific technologies in African development

10 Weeks
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Transforming University Communication In The Digital Era

2 Weeks
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