Module 1 : Mass media and society in Africa 1 Dr Stanford G. Mukasa

10 Weeks

Part 1: Rethinking journalism curricula 

Part 2: Mass media environment for Africa

Part 3: African mass media history and post colonial press

Part 4: Freedom of the press, philosophy and ownership



Why join this course? Understand the mass media environment and its impact on societies in Africa

At the end of the course, students will

1. IDENTIFY the theories of mass communication and mass media effects on society.

2. DISCUSS the history of the mass media and their influence on social behavior.

3. EXPLAIN ethical issues in the mass media effects, for example, advertising.

4. ANALYZE value transmission by the mass media on demographic groups in society.

DISCUSS the state of the mass media in Africa and its impact on society in the era of the Internet and Social Media.



  • Class discussions
  • Overview
  • Media and democracy
  • Trust issues
  • Radio
  • Mass media environment in Africa
  • Evaluation
  • African mass media history: Part 1
  • mass media history
  • Colonial Press
  • The post-colonial media
  • Class discussion
  • The broadcast media and Internet
  • Social media in Africa
  • Internet and social media
  • broadcasting
  • The social media in Africa
  • Media consumption
  • Internet in Africa 3
  • social media values
  • Introduction
  • The nationalist press
  • The colonial press in Africa.
  • Press freedom in Africa
  • Press freedom
  • press freedom 2
  • African journalism model
  • Government control on the media.

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