Module 2: Mass media and society in Africa 2 Dr Stanford G. Mukasa

10 Weeks

Theories of mass media and mass communication; Mass media roles and goals.; Community-oriented mass media; media issues in African communities



Why join this course? To help you understand from a theoretical and philosophical perspectives media roles and goals in Africa

By learning the  theoretical and philosophical perspectives of media roles and goals in Africa, participants will be able to communicate information in a way that will be of meaningful benefit to the audiences.


  • social media discusions 3
  • human rights
  • media ownership
  • Mass media and society
  • mass com models
  • SMCR problem
  • social media control
  • media culture of silence
  • New era
  • News about Africa
  • journalism reviews
  • social media discussions1
  • Africa in Western Media
  • Part 2: Mass media roles
  • media culture of silence
  • Part 1: mass communication
  • Mass media roles in Africa
  • Lecture 2: mass com effects
  • Introduction to journalism and mass media courses
  • mass media theoretical frameworks
  • Case studies
  • mass com protcols
  • press freedom 3
  • social media discusions 2
  • Uganda case

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