Module 5: Public opinion polling Dr Stanford G. Mukasa

10 Weeks

Learn to design a research instrument for surveying public opinion



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Key questions in public opinion revolve around (1) the citizens' ability to influence government on issues that affect them (2) How to measure public opinion accurately.


  • Research instrument
  • Designing questionnaire
  • New theory of public opinion
  • Public opinion and political behavior
  • Measuring public opinion
  • Historical origins (part 2)
  • Models of public opinion
  • Models
  • Public opinion environment
  • Public opinion and news
  • Ideology of public opinion
  • History of public opinion
  • Public opinion research
  • Lippmann: World outside
  • Lippmann: World outside (2)
  • public opinion concepts
  • Public opinion definition
  • Concepts
  • Problems in public opinion
  • Issues in public opinion
  • Public opinion and democracy

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