Module 16: Introduction to Pan African Studies Dr Stanford G. Mukasa

10 Weeks

You will LEARN about Africa and the African Diaspora from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

You will be SENSITIZED to the relevance of the Pan-African cultural heritage and its contributions to the global society.



Why join this course?

learn about pan Africanism, its history, philosophy and struggle against colonialism.


  • Literature
  • Arts and music in Africa
  • African civilizations
  • pn African studies
  • Arts in Africa
  • Independence
  • Pan Africanism
  • African dance
  • Racism and nationalism,
  • Rise of pan Africanism
  • Challenges of pan Africanism
  • African kingdoms
  • African research
  • Introduction to Pan Africa Studies
  • African studies
  • African literature
  • Slavery
  • African kingdoms

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