Module 14: Geopolitics of information Dr Stanford G. Mukasa

10 Weeks






Why join this course?


Gain exposure to new information and communication technologies in world news and their impact on the world events.

Become global citizens. Gain an appreciation of, respect for, the diverse multicultural mosaic of the international community and be proactive agents for global stewardship as articulated in McLuhan’s notion of the global village.



  • geopolitical world 1
  • fake news
  • WSIS
  • Global forum
  • new information order
  • Black stereotypes
  • Lecture: Truth in the media
  • infiltration of western culture
  • geopolitical world 3
  • Introduction to geopolitical world
  • WSIS forum
  • images of Africa
  • cultural differences
  • coverage of Africa
  • developing Africa
  • Single story
  • NWICO 2
  • Ethiopian air disaster coverage
  • geopoltics defined
  • subverting African culture
  • African media stereotypes
  • negativism in coverage of Africa
  • coverage of Africa
  • Africa's true story
  • African story
  • African journalists

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